Your Photographer is Meg Ross (aka Meggie, Megling, Nutmeg, I’ve heard it all!)

Hubby aka Mr Lucky Shot
Josh Ross – godaddy project lead extraordinaire, partner in crime, the-man-who-will-climb-a-tree-and-hold-a-reflector-for-me

Taylor Ann (cat or Dementor), LeeLoo Deathstar (cat, the “special one”), Brina Kai (ninja kitty), and Petree Lynn (puppy) Yes, they all have middle names!

Ahwatukee, Arizona. But I’m a Seattle gal at heart! That’s where I grew up.

How long have you been a photographer?
Honestly, and I think every photographer will agree, I have always been an artist. It’s just when the level of “professional” started in my life. When I was growing up I was always the shutterbug, I’d grab whatever disposable or (early early) model digital camera was around and away I went! When I moved to Arizona from Seattle about 3 years ago I had some time to think introspectively and it hit me, “Why is this NOT my career yet?”

What do you love most about photography
and the specialties you shoot?

I get to capture a moment in time, a memory, how crazy and awesome is that?! I absolutely love that there is ART in everything: an old building, the way you’re holding someone’s hand, a blade of grass…that’s especially what I enjoy about portraits, it’s a moment. Like with newborns and seniors, these memories will never happen again, you've gotta seize it and capture it forever.

Interesting Tidbits
♥ I am pretty much completely self-taught.
♥ if I could fly to WA everyday just to eat at Pike Place Market, I would!
♥ cheese is a severe addiction. Would go full Paleo if it wasn’t for dairy!
♥ before Photography took over my life, I had aspirations at being a zoologist. Now I can just go to the zoo and take pretty pics of the animals, and not have to clean up their poo! :]
♥ can lick my nose
♥ the best noise in the world is the giggle of someone I love
♥ met the hubby online and have been inseparable every since.
♥ my wedding experience? decided that I wanted Mr. Lucky Shot as my husband and planned our elopement ceremony in two weeks, WITHOUT HIM KNOWING. So essentially, I kidnapped him and made him marry me :]
♥ I firmly believe that if you don’t love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you have no place in my life
♥ can’t stand grocery shopping alone
♥ I apparently don’t pronounce the g’s on the ends of words. (ie, sing, ring)
♥ will never be able to give up ice cream. you can try and pull it out of my cold, dead hands.
♥ please stock pile my freezer with Reese’s. kthaxbai.
♥ love how most of these are food related. life is too short to eat bad food!

the Lucky Shot Photography
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